Mortgage Loan Options

We are a direct lender AND a broker, which means more loan options, and in some cases, quicker closings and better rates. Select your loan type.

Explore the different types
of loans we offer.

Conventional Loans

RoBUS is a direct correspondent lender, providing funding for conventional mortgages. 

FHA Loans

FHA loans are great for borrowers that may not qualify for a conventional loan or need down payment assistance.   

USDA Loans

USDA loans don’t require a down payment and have low mortgage insurance if the home is located in a “rural” area. 

Rental Income Loans

RoBUS has many different investors that provide financing on non-owner occupied or investment properties using the rental income on the property to qualify.  This helps when you have a self-employed borrower who does not show enough taxable income on their tax returns, or any borrower that does not show enough income to qualify on their own.  We substitute the rental income to use as their income.  These are also known as DSC (Debt Service Coverage) or DSCR (Debt Service Coverage Ratio) loans.  

Self-Employed Borrower Loans

If your tax return reflects a loss or limited income, due to business write-offs & expenses, we have several options for people who are otherwise qualified borrowers, allowing them to close with a competitive rate.

Manufactured Home Loans

For manufactured homes newer than 1978, affixed to a permanent foundation and attached to real property, we have options!   These programs are rare, and can be difficult to find.

Foreign National Loans

For foreign nationals (citizens of other countries) that desire to purchase or refinance a second home or investment property in the United States, we can originate loans when a 25%+ down payment (or equity) is available.

Asset Depletion Loans

Asset Depletion loans utilize existing assets at a multiple of 1.5 times the loan amount or more, depending on the lender that we broker this to. For example, if you need a $300,000 loan and you can show $450,000 in an account, we can use that asset for income to do the loan. These loans are a lot easier than a bank statement loan for high net worth individuals that want to leverage real estate.

VA Loans

RōBUS Mortgage has several VA Loan experts who know all the ins and outs. 

Jumbo Loans to $10 Million+

RoBUS offers a wide range of institutional and private jumbo loans that exceed the 2018 conforming loan limit of $453,100 and the high balance conforming limit in higher cost counties. We can easily go up to $10 million or more at competitive rates and higher loan to values.

No Income Loans on Primary Residence

RoBUS has more than one investor that can do “stated income” or “no ratio” type loans on a primary residence.  We can do cash out refinances or purchase loans on a primary residence without using any income to qualify.  We can even use the cash out on a refinance to cover the asset reserve requirement. 

Bank Statement Loans

Using 12 or 24 months of deposits into business or personal bank statements utilized as “verification of your income” will provide lower interest rates than a true stated income loan. Perfect for the self-employed borrower who writes off expenses resulting in a loss or low net income on tax 

Sub-Prime / Low Credit Scores

If you have down payment funds, or demonstrable equity, RoBUS
has programs going down to 500 credit scores.

Unwarrantable Condos

If your condo is not approved by Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, HUD or VA, RoBUS has you covered. We can also look at condo-hotels (condotels) and other similar type properties.

ITIN Loans

For persons living in the United States who do not have legal residency status (visa/green card), and who own a business that files tax returns in the USA, we have lending options available.  It is typical that the borrower would need to show enough net income averaged over two years of tax returns to qualify, and at least 25% down payment or equity.

Reverse Mortgages

Reverse Mortgages are great for people over age 62 that want to tap into their equity to receive a monthly payment or lump sum rather than making payments on a traditional mortgage or equity loan. We can even use these loans to purchase another property.